My name is Hannah Scheck and I love painting Windstone Paint-Your-Own sculptures! Windstone sculptures are made from a mineral stone called Gypsum. It is pure white in color and is quite compact, making some of these sculptures fairly heavy! Don't let the weight fool you though, as these sculptures are still quite breakable. They should generally be kept away from small children and displayed in an area where they are not likely to be toppled over or knocked into. This page has been made in order to show the schemes I have done on Windstone Paint Your Own sculptures as well as give estimates for cost in the case you are interested in buying one from me or commissioning me to paint one in a particular color or pattern.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message on the Windstone forums or send me an email.
      Please scroll down for Shipping information, Terms of Service, and Repairs.

Terminology that I tend to use on this site:
PYO = "Paint Your Own" - this is in reference to the sculpture.
OOAK = "One of a kind" - meaning there will never be another painted in that exact scheme.

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Waiting list is currently OPEN!
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Small Dragons
Winged Wolves
Foo Dogs
Kitty Griffins
Flap Cats

If you have bought a PYO from me and it becomes damaged:
I will repair the piece at no charge to you! All I ask is that you pay for shipping to me and back to you. If you have a piece that is damaged and needs repairs, please email me with a description of the damage or pictures of the damaged area (preferred). As stated, I will repair the area (with Apoxie Sculpt if needed), repaint the repaired area, and reseal the dragon for you - free of charge! All you need to do is pay for shipping. I never want to see any of the PYOs I've worked hard on discarded because of damage, so I am more than happy to do this for anyone who has purchased one of my PYOs!

A little bit about what I do:
      I use Liquitex Acrylic paints on all of my PYOs. This provides a vibrant, colorful coat of paint while remaining permanent on the piece within hours. I also use Golden brand Interference paints (that add a metallic, sparkly shine) and I give each sculpt 2-3 coats of a topcoat, which can either be a Gloss, Satin or Matte finish.

      When sending out finished PYOs I ALWAYS double box! I never want to see anything that I've put weeks of effort into getting broken in the mail, and I do everything in my power to make sure the journey is safe for the little guys. I also always buy tracking for everything that I send, and insure it upon request.

      Please contact me (Click Here!) if you are looking for information on shipping costs - I can give an estimate for anywhere in the world. Please understand that this quote is not final, and may go up or down after the completed piece has been boxed, measured, and weighed.

Terms of Service
When you put a downpayment on a piece you are agreeing that these terms are satisfactory,
and I am agreeing to uphold them.

      I DO NOT require the entire payment up front! I am happy to let you pay once the piece is finished and you have gotten proof in the form of pictures that it is done to your satisfaction. I do require a minimum $30.00, nonrefundable downpayment for every statue that you wish for me to paint. This helps me purchase the necessary sculpture as soon as possible.

      I do take payments, but I will not send out the completed piece until it is fully paid for.

      Please be aware that unless we have a special agreement, payment is due immediately once I have sent "proof" pictures of the piece. If I have not received payment within 30 days of "proof" pictures, I will begin to attempt to sell the piece elsewhere. If you wish to commission me for a piece again I will require another $30.00 downpayment for each piece. Each downpayment is NONREFUNDABLE unless, due to my own fault, I cannot finish the piece for you.

      In general (barring any catastrophe!) I take about a week to paint any sculpt except the Keepers which generally take about a week and a half to two weeks. These times are not set in stone! Sometimes it takes me much less time, sometimes it takes more! If a piece needs to be finished as fast as possible I will do everything in my power to complete it for you as soon as possible, but I will never compromise the integrity of the artwork on the piece, so if it needs extra time please understand that it is for the good of the artwork in the long run! After each piece is finished and a topcoat has been applied I will be in contact to tell you and send pictures of the finished piece. I allow pieces to dry at LEAST a full 24 hours before packaging them. The longer they dry, the safer I feel about putting them in wrapping. Please be aware that I often have a waiting list for my commissions! I will try to update this page as much as possible in order to inform everyone how long of a wait there is, however it is always a good idea to email me and ask - I will always have the most updated information!

      When we agree on a scheme, you are agreeing to give me the artistic liberty to finish the piece as I see fit. I will be glad to paint something in the colors and pattern that you want, but please be aware that if you require changes after the piece is done I reserve the right to make the executive decision to either: A) NOT change the piece if I strongly disagree with your requested changes (it is my artwork on the piece after all!) - or - B) Charge extra for supplies and time spent on changing the piece. This only applies to changes that were not agreed upon during the discussion of the scheme! If I have forgotten something that you specifically requested, there will be no argument and no extra charge.

      On any of my already-sold OOAK PYOs I mention that I am not against using certain aspects from that particular PYO's scheme to create a brand new scheme. What I mean by this is that I will gladly reproduce the way that I did the scales or feathers or filigree patterns, etc, but the new scheme needs to have a distinct new color pallette.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message or email me by clicking here!

All Sculptures are Copyright Windstone Editions.

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